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Face Shield with Glasses (2 Sets)

Face Shield with Glasses (2 Sets)

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Video on Face Shield with Glasses

From walking in a park, shopping at the groceries, or passing through any space with people, you can come into contact with an array of organisms. Kate Naturals' Face Shield with Glasses acts as an extra layer of protection between you and the world around you. Our face shield is a barrier against airborne respiratory droplets and debris without obscuring your vision or making it harder to breathe. The glasses frames allow for comfortable wear over a long period of time. Our one-size-fits-all adjustable features allow the product to stay on your face without any slippage to ensure you stay as safe as possible.

How to use a Protective Face Shield with Glasses?

Wash hands with soap and water or sanitizer your hands before putting the mask on. Remove plastic film that covers the shield on both sides if this is your first time wearing it. Simply put the glasses frames around your eyes as you would with sunglasses or eyeglasses frames. As an extra precaution, wear a face-mask underneath, and do not touch your face.

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